Mean Something

That was Beyoncé singing “I Was Here.”

I encourage you to listen to the song in its entirety. The music and the lyrics are amazing. She talks about making a difference, wanting to leave a mark, hoping that she will mean something to somebody.

She wants to live and be loved. She wants to be remembered for being here. What are you doing? How are you leaving your mark in the community? How are you making a difference at your work? How are you loving and living your life with your family and your friends and your neighbors?

We live busy lives. It’s complicated – raising families, working hard, paying the bills. But on the final day what’s important is that you made a difference. You left your mark on this earth and made it a better place.

Let’s go out with a little bit of Beyoncé, and as you listen to her, figure out what you’re going to do to mean something to somebody.

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